Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Will she ever post again?

"Keeping Up with My Life" is exhausting.  Leaving on Sunday morning for FOURTEEN DAYS in Europe - Madrid, Munich, London...14 days away from my boys.  Then three days home and five more days in Mexico.  Then Thanksgiving.  We set up the Skype...I am planning surprises for them while I am gone...to do list to catch up on life as long as my arm...seems I always remember the adds when driving or showering...pensive, tired, anxious, excited, sad, wistful...want to make some fluffy pumpkin cookies and an apple pie...no time.

Here's the front and back of a recently finished quilt...knitting is calming these days...only two items left in the quilty UFO stash.  Fantasizing about items to sew for my boys for Christmas. 

This hamster keeps a runnin' on the wheel.



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  1. LOVE IT--the quilt that is. Not so much with the busy itinerary. But I am jealous of the travel opps, even though they are so life-complicating. Miss you!