Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Lemon Roast Chicken

Wow, who knew 'Uninspired' would inspire so many comments?! Good suggestions, one and all. Audrey, I love that "sick" can have a broad definition.

I pulled myself out of my slump long enough to roast a chicken today. This is my kind of food: simple, rustic, and comforting (particularly when paired with buttermilk mashed potatoes and gingered carrots).

Anyhoo, this was a pretty gal, and big - over six pounds. I cut out the backs of my chickens when roasting. This method serves a couple of purposes. First, it cuts down on the roasting time, and second, you keep those backs in a ziploc in the freezer for when you need to make stock or soup or something.

Remember the lemon butter? I cut off and defrosted a knob (which for me is about three tablespoons). I believe in the Paula Deen/Julia Child church of butter (more is always better) probably mostly due to my classic French training. Most people's butter knobs are probably closer to 1-2 T. not mine.

Back to the task at hand. After rinsing in cold water and patting dry, I cut the back out of the chicken and rubbed her boobs under the skin with the butter, putting some on her gams and under carriage. Then she got a generous dose of sea salt and pepper inside and out and a dusting of thyme. She went in the oven at 450. I know, you are shocked. Immediately turn the temp down to 425.

She roasted about 90 minutes. If the skin starts to get too dark, tent some foil over her. You want to roast until (you know the drill) juices run clear, legs move freely, and internal temp is around 180. Then let her rest. She's tired. I let her rest under the foil blankie about fifteen minutes. This gives you time to finish up the sides.

One of the things I love most about roast chicken is that my family eats half of it in a sitting then I have the other half to make into pasta or something the next night.

Ah, the lemon scent in that breast meat...divine. Now, go forth and make some lemony, buttery chicken.


  1. that's a big bird, also a difference between Lux and home. Ya can't find a chicken that big here. no siree. we occasionally buy a roasted chix at the farmers market and find that it is scarcely enough food for me and Bryce. no, you can't buy a chicken that big but you can buy a pigeon. and other types of fowl that i've never heard of.

    glad you're defunked. now help me.

  2. one more question. did you feel any lumps while you were rubbing her boobs? i often combine self breast exams with my daily slathering of butter.