Monday, November 9, 2009

Ten Random Things About Me

1) I am a fourth generation Seattle native (over 100 years!) who has always fantasized about living in NYC.

2) I cannot jump into water. at all.

3) I am an excellent parallel parker. There should be a competition somewhere. I would wipe the floor...

4) I have always wanted to be a librarian.

5) My top five favorite foods are:
  • popcorn
  • crab cakes
  • steak salad
  • fresh raspberries
  • chips and salsa (the #5 spot shifts occasionally)

6) I am often mistaken for an extrovert when what I am is an introvert who cannot handle uncomfortable silences.

7) I plan to learn knitting and photography in 2010

8) reading is my favorite Friday night activity

9) I really, really want to guest star on Mad Men as Joan's best friend, Roger's secretary, or a woman Don is having an affair with.

10) I've decided my personal logo is going to be an owl. I feel a kind of kinship with them.

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