Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fresh Mozzarella

Once you go fresh, you never go back. Making fresh cheese, like making butter, pizza and canning, are to me some of the most satisfying adventures I've had in the kitchen. What do these things have in common? They are simple and rustic. These are also items that as a child of the seventies I did not realize you could make. I thought you could only buy them.

I've raved before on these pages about the glories of having my milk delivered fresh each week. It makes one's home creamery all the more special.
Ok, onto the cheese. You need a gallon of fresh, whole milk, some distilled water, citric acid, and vegetable rennet tablets.

The most wonderful place for cheese making supplies is here. Ricki has a recipe in her book and available in some articles online for "30 minute mozzarella magic". It really only does take thirty minutes.

Basically, you heat the milk and citric acid, then add the dissolved rennet, you separate the curds from the whey, knead it and heat it a couple times in the microwave. Cool it down, and enjoy. Lovely.

I'll be trying some hard cheeses when time and money permit. Joy.

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