Friday, April 16, 2010

benedetto di uova

We are trying to eat a little lighter in our home and this fits the bill.  Even though it has meat and well, cheese, and um, okay, nevermind that part.  Anyway, last night we had a "dining room date".  Fed the kids the processed crap they love (nuggets and mac n cheese) and peas then let them watch a scooby doo while we had some wine and a pleasant dinner alone.

This is a completely free-form, rustic, elegant dinner.  First off, saute a couple of vegetables.  Here I used mushrooms (maybe 6?) and about 1/3 pound of asparagus, cut into pieces.  You could do a little wilted spinach here or roasted red pepper, etc.

Cook up some polenta.  Put cheese in it or not.  leave it very soft, or put it in a pan in a warm oven so you can slice it.

Either fry up 4-6 slices of prosciutto or flake up some smoked salmon.

Then, poach a couple of eggs.  In gently simmering water with a dash of white vinegar.  For three minutes.  Set the timer.  I am not vigilant about many things, but please do not poach an egg for more than three minutes. Please.

You will want to keep everything warm in the oven until the eggs are done and you are ready to assemble.

On the plate goes some polenta, then a pile of the veggies, then the proscuitto or smoked salmon, then the egg, then maybe a dollop of pesto.  Serve.  Have some wine.  Linger over dinner.  Kiss.

Buona sera...


  1. what an interesting combination. i'm kind of into eggs at the moment (and asparagus) so perhaps I'll give it a go.

  2. This photo is cookbook worthy...ever thought of writing one? You have such a new twist on simple ingredients and the photos are should think about it...