Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween in Pictures

I've had a hard time putting the party into words, so here are some photos of the day with commentary.

My sister and her family on "laundry day"! Awesome effort.
Our little trick or treaters...three sets of brothers. Pretty precious to watch. Treat bags. I made treat bags for the kids with small toys in them and then my mom and I made treat bags consisting only of popcorn balls for the adults. Next time, I would only make the popcorn ball treat bags for all guests.

This is the pinata queue. That pinata was the star of the party. That's also a punching bag disguised as a ghost in the background. Did I mention we have boys?

The pinata had a day of the dead quality that I LOVED. Don't go takin the spook outta the day, now! No harvest party here, my friends. Ghouls and goblins abound.
Yes, I ordered four dozen fresh cake donuts. Um, we had leftovers...but cake donuts and cider is a Halloween family tradition!

I love this guy. Mea culpa for the late Halloween post. (That's my orange dining room in the background. Actually, it's called buttered yam.)

Luke Skywalker, aka Tank. Handsome devil, ain't he?!

As with all testosterone driven parties, it eventually devolves into football. For those as girlie as me, this particular activity is known as "flyers up".
Han and Leia (yes, that's me.) Later in the party I had a hard cider in one hand and a chick sized blaster in the other. I am embracing my mother of boysness.

The food. I didn't take very good photos but there were "mummy dogs" and "monster meatballs" and "devilish dumplings" as well as a pumpkin shaped cheese ball among the offerings. I also worked my mother like a dog for about 24 hours and she decorated all the cupcakes. One of the big hits was caramel dip and sliced apples with skewers. A little sprinkle of sea salt made it heaven. I love every opportunity to use my Little Dipper tiny crock pot.
One of my favorite costumes. I think it caused a stir among some of our more conservative partygoers. I love something controversial to get things going! Yay, Dave!

Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross (my parents). They should look exhausted here from all the work we made them do in party prep as well as escorting their grandsons to soccer that morning! What great sports and cool costumes (that my mom made!) My family rocks.
Ever see The Natural? They did. ;)

My little Anakin Skywalker. We got used to the creepy mask.

I think a good time was had by all. Maybe we'll do it again next year!


  1. Rock on Dave!!! (and did I see Kayleen in the background of another picture, eyeing the donuts?) Thanks for the vicarious party experience...

  2. great pics. Looked like a super fun time!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time!!! What fun!!! Love the laundry... what a GREAT idea. And a sexier Han & Leia there never was! Cute!

  4. looks like a great party! Wish we could have been there. Would never have pegged you as a "dresser uper." Hmmm. You and Yo-Yo looked great! Was the Millennium Falcon parked in the back yard?