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Sunday, October 11, 2009


My bloggy friends, what do you do when you're not inspired?

Not inspired to cook, write, sew, exercise, clean, help, laugh, cry, read, shop, talk, play, watch, sleep.

In a funk and need to snap out of it already. What's your Rx?


  1. Me, I'm a wallower. What heals me when I'm in a funk is to put clean sheets on the bed and then spend the day there reading an entire book. Napping whenever the drowsies strike. This usually just happens when I'm sick, but sick has a pretty broad definition sometimes. A slight tickle in the throat or PMS will do. The next day I feel refreshed and ready to face the squabbling kids, hungry family, and uptight class moms.

  2. hhhmmmm... wish I could help. But if you are not even inspired to read, I'm at a loss - that's usually what I do - read... or sleep. Sleeping is good. I slept most of yesterday and 11 hours last night. Today I've been a new person.

    I hope you find yourself out of your funk soon.

  3. you and me both, sista. I guess I just wait for it to pass. When it comes to blogging I just don't or I do a very simple post. Mostly, I just wait. how uninspiring is that advice? ha!

  4. I came up with another idea - a SPA day... go and have a pedi/mani and a massage....

  5. Do you read magazines? Go buy a guilty pleasure $5.00 magazine.

    Dawdle around - clean out a medicine cabinet.

    Watch some HGTV or other mindless matter.

    Most of all it is a gloomy day - its cold, overcast, not raining yet....think about planning a nice big pot of soup for tomorrow or Wednesday once the rains arrive.

  6. I watch TV. Some days I just have to lay in bed. Watching mindless television helps clear my mind and then next day, the funk is better. Maybe not gone, but better at least.

  7. i buy a new pair of everytime!