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Friday, October 9, 2009

General Bonkers

I have the best husband EVER. Okay, I know some of you out there are going, like, no way, cuz you think you have the best husband ever, but you're totally wrong because I do.

The husband knows that this has been a TOUGH with a capital T week of mornings for me with our children (or as I like to call them, the pledges of the frat house that is our home). One morning I was even reduced to tears on the phone with the husband after drop off and every morning I have yelled. Except today...but wait, let's back up.

I was greeted at 6:30 this morning with this card on the kitchen island:
Yes, that's General Bonkers, the leader of Operation Iron Paw, testifying before Congress.

I often feel like General Bonkers, fighting an unwinnable war. I haven't laughed that hard at 6:30 in the morning in a long time. And I hadn't even had my coffee yet. And I double over every time I look at it. Trust me, the photo does not do it justice.

I commented to hubby just last night that I now do so much more parenting and so much more of it without his backup than I did when I worked. They wear me down. I run out of answers. Sometimes I don't know what to do with them or say to them. I often want to throw things. When I was in the final stages of working I was (insert scary confession) terrified to be alone and in charge of them by myself for extended periods of time. I've come a long way from six months ago, but it's still pretty hard sometimes.

Magically, after hubby left for work and I faced the dreaded morning, both boys angelically ate their breakfast and completed assorted morning activites without argument and on time. It was like a sahm miracle. I may have to light a candle.

As reward, Tank got to ride his scooter to school and Big Red and I got to walk home from school with my favorite neighborhood mom friend. Yay.

For the moment at least, all is right with the world.

Here is a recent photo from Salmon Days of me and the man I love so so so so much. I could not do this job without him. I wish you peace and similarly cooperative children. Happy Friday.

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