Monday, October 18, 2010

On The Road

It's unreal to me that I haven't blogged for almost two weeks!  Tonight, I'm writing from my room on the 47th floor, high atop the new hotel Vdara in Las Vegas.  It's week two of the work travel.  Last week was Dallas, but more on that later.

I've loaded a bunch of photos and am working on organizing them for project 365.  I have many days to catch up on.  I'm going to do at least five a day.  I'm now up to October 9th - which feels like a tremendous accomplishment.  These new concessions to work life make me wistful.  There simply aren't the hours in the day anymore to have as much art and color and beauty and peace as I used to have.

This is my first time in Vegas and I have to say I don't love it.  It seems sad to me in a way that's hard to articulate...kind of like an old woman trying to stay thin and beautiful with a personal trainer and plastic surgery.  I can't imagine staying here for more than a week at the absolute outside.  My stint is four days.

This is probably the fanciest hotel room I've ever stayed in.  Personal space is important to me and this is truly a sanctuary.  There is a giant deep soaking tub, I have a panoramic view, dining space, living space, three phones and two huge flat screens.  It's still strange to be alone though.  I realized on the trip last week that I'm not really used to being alone in this way reminds me of when I was single, living alone in a studio apartment.  Actually, this suite is larger than many apartments I've called home. funny.

I haven't made any apple butter yet this year, which bums me out, but I'm hoping that I can get to it this weekend.  I'l be home for just a week then it's three more weeks on the road and then it's pretty much Thanksgiving.  Time. Flies.

I have many reflections on the business travel mommy situation.  I'll try to articulate them into a post soon.  After all, I'm just lying here on my kajillion thread count sheets with nothing better to do. :)

g'night all....

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  1. VDara - I think that's the hotel that is curved? I read an article about how its curved front, focuses light on the pool area that is hot enough to burn people and melt plastic bags. So says Yahoo News.