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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Sewing Room

I don't talk much about sewing on this site which I think is strange.  I sew or think about sewing every day.  I like to think of it as doing a lot of mental sewing.  I will wake up having dreamed of the math for a quilt, how many blocks, what size borders, how many yards of each fabric I would need and on and on.  I also think about who I want to make quilts or other items for, when I want to give them, what style each person would like, etc.

I spend a lot of time puttering in my sewing room, decorating, organizing, reading, planning...and sometimes actually sewing!  I am fortunate to have an entire room in our home which is basically mine to do with as I please. I sometimes feel slightly guilty about my space, but then I remember the sad, cold, dark, tiny, spider-filled corner of the basement of our old house that was my sewing area and I feel okay!

This room does double as a guest room, so it has a futon in it also.  I mixed the paint color by hand until I had just the right green.    I replaced the closet doors with sheers that mask the organizer shelves where I keep my stuff.  I sewed a blanket and a valance especially for this room.  I have a tall table that is good for cutting and planning and a large table for sewing.  I have a view of trees.  It is lovely.

Recently, I've felt a surge of creativity and a renewed interest.  I basically took the room apart, thoroughly cleaned it, moved the furniture around, re-organized everything in the closet, and culled out old books. I also decided to change the art, so I covered canvases with batting and fabric for art pieces on the walls.  I have a clock that I really love and I am now thinking about how to incorporate something in mirrors and how I want to display some of my photography.

I often run across things and think "I wish I'd thought of that" or "I wish I were more creative and original".  I'd like to figure out a way to generate some income by doing something creative, but that's what everybody wants, isn't it?  The good news is that in my resurgence of creative energy, I just might stumble upon it and I have this beautiful place to contemplate it.

Tell me about your creative space...


  1. In my NM rental I have/had a GREAT space for my sewing room... then I bought the totally terrific (and still unused) short-arm quilting system... school happened, quilting stopped, jobs lost and now my awesome, HUGE, sewing room is full of storage totes from the now defunct storage room, the Juki and quilting frame has been broken down and stored... eventually it will once again become my magnificent sewing room.

    I love your fabric art work. I may try that during one of my school breaks!!!

    Thanks for sharing you have a beautiful room!

  2. Great photos
    In colour therapy, green is the colour of healing and growth. It’s calming and restful and brings balance to the’s also a lucky colour!