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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last week, we went on a short family trip to Hood Canal for hiking, relaxing and beach time during Spring Break.  We rented a house on the water which was wonderful.

One of the funny things about this house was the labels.  EVERYTHING was labeled.  What made it so funny was what the labels said.  Photos for your enjoyment:

"Smoke detector batteries are changed to ensure operation but if smoke detectors chirp there is a ladder in the front closet and an extra battery"

I mean, how long did she have to stand there typing all that out?!  And then there's this one...

Which switch goes with which light?  Hmmm...trial and error is simply a waste of time and energy.  EVERY plate in this house was labeled whether it had one switch (duh) or four.

"Please shuck oysters and put shells on the beach do not cook the shell"

For reference for the non-northwesterner, oysters will use old shells for new homes, so you should leave them on the beach to be re-used.  And that leads us to my personal favorite, placed right across the stovetop...

"Please do not cook closed oysters in oven they can explode"

I love that the labels are in all caps.  I love that there is no punctuation.  I love the idea of this person walking around the house, label maker in hand, looking for every labeling possibility.  God love 'em.

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  1. If I had a label maker, that's what my house would look like. Those stupid things are addictive!!