Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I Wore

I had something very hard to do yesterday.  Something I can't talk about here but that I waited months and years to do.

I had a lot to think about and one of the things I thought about most was what I was going to wear.  I am not a woman with a huge closet full of clothes and twenty purses and five hundred pairs of Jimmy Choos.  That's just not how I roll.  Since my layoff, I got rid of the work clothes I never liked and the rest are getting dusty just hanging there.

This was an occasion that required professional dress and I found myself obsessing about it.  It was easier than thinking about the thing itself.  Pants or a skirt?  Sweater or a jacket?  Conservative and credible were the order of the day.

I spent several of my Big Red preschool afternoon breaks frantically shopping for just the right thing and ended up mostly wearing clothes I already owned (except a new white shirt), as seen in yesterday's photo of the day.  I'm sure it did not matter and was not memorable to anyone but me. 

I was comfortable and as confident as I could be under the circumstances.  The clothes did their job.

This whole business got me thinking about this book, which I spent a light evening perusing some years ago.  What's your "what I wore" story?

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  1. I was wearing a pair of black running shorts and a thin white Boston marathon t-shirt (which I got from an outlet since I do not run). I was walking the dog and feeling pretty good in that outfit. Not eating for a while tends to help you slim down. The abject misery sucks however.

    That jerk took me quite by surprise and proposed to me. I should have thrown the ring down the hill, but instead I handing it back to him nicely while saying no. Still one of my best decisions.

    Every time I wear that t shirt I remember that day. I'd give it to goodwill, but I really like the way it fits!