Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Comforts You

I think part of knowing yourself is knowing what comforts you.  It's like how babies learn to "self-soothe" so they can sleep alone.  I have learned, over many years, the things that comfort me.  I am in a place where I need a lot of comfort and these are some of the things that bring it:
  • sleep (or try to)
  • take long hot showers (preferably until the water runs cold)
  • reach out to my friends and family and ask them for help
  • take long wandering drives, preferably with a sleeping child in the back seat
  • shop-wander...I don't necessarily need to buy anything, I just need to lose myself in aimless wandering...this is the non carbon footprint sister of the one above.  Target is especially great for this one.
  • curl up with hubby
  • write or read if I'm up to it
  • Pringles/white russian/pretzels with nutella/popcorn/mashed potatoes
  • trashy celebrity magazines
  • mani-pedi-facial-massage
  • 500 piece puzzles
  • snuggle my cat, Addy
  • hug my children longer than they want to be hugged
You might think cooking or baking, but generally when I'm in a need comfort place, there's no energy for that.  This is yesterday's picture of the day.  It is my sister's front door and pretty much says everything about her.

What comforts you?


  1. Where to start? In no particular order:
    Chocolate (of course)
    snuggles with MA
    snuggles with dogs (or at least, dogs that will sit still long enough to be snuggled)
    losing myself in a good book (or a smutty book, which is sometimes even better)
    a cooking frenzy--somehow having a fridge/freezer full of food makes other things seem more manageable
    writing in my journal

    I could go on and on. I'm thinking about you and sending much love your way!!!

  2. Also in no particular order:

    A long hot shower in an otherwise quiet house
    Snuggling with a newf
    A clean house and well behaved children (at the same time!)
    Tupperwares of soup in the freezer
    A vacation planned and booked (something to look forward to...)
    Working in my garden until my body aches
    A 90 minute massage (60 doesn't do it anymore!)
    ...there are many more but this is all I want to pull out of my brain at this time.

  3. Hmmmm....
    ~hanging out with my hubby
    ~watching some mindless movie that I like and have seen before, it's an escape from my own world
    ~poor man's chocolate covered pretzels - pretzels and m&m's.
    ~conversation with a good friend
    ~taking care of someone else, usually in the form of preparing a meal for them
    ~hugs and laughter with my kiddo's
    ~a glass of wine and the opportunity to just babble
    ~writing in my journal
    ~searching for who knows what on the internet
    ~maybe a new pair of shoes, that always helps!

  4. -Watching a black and white movie with a quippy couple and great clothes like His Girl Friday or The Thin Man

    -Walking among trees

    -Taking a nap with my daughter - I don't have many more opportunities to do this one.