Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't like Mondays

For some reason Mondays are hard days. It feels like the beginning of the week and yet, nothing is really different from the weekend except that hubby is at work.

I feel like I should be in a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing, but can't seem to get going.

I'm starting to think I am going to ramp up the job search here but feel fuzzy on the chain of events. Do I try to line up childcare first or try to figure out where I'll be working first? I know I should just stop and "enjoy the moment" and not sweat it for a few more weeks until school is underway. I've learned that though I am not change averse, I don't do well with uncertainty and this feels nothing if not uncertain.

I'm pretty sure I have to commit one way or the other next week to before/afterschool care and pay the first month or lose my spot. As anyone who's ever dealt with childcare knows, you don't give up your spot very easily, because it's hard to get back in. I'll also have to figure out some sort of preschool/daycare solution for Big Red. I don't think we'll be returning to our old place as it's geographically undesirable.

It makes me tired to think about selling myself to get back in and then having to establish myself all over again once I do find a spot. I don't really feel like boning up on interview skills, putting cover letters together and fine tuning my resume.

I think I'm going to stay in my pj's all day.

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  1. WTF??? - I was going through all of this today.

    I have been seemingly settled with SAH status and here I am thinking I need to up the job search and sign Aidan up for at least mornings at daycare to get a spot. (Nadia is still on for 'after school' so I have nap times to look forward to).

    ...all this might be because I found a job - perfect 30 hours a week, 1 mile from the house, seemingly low stress, I just need an interview!

    Hang in there, these evil, sneaky thoughts are just there to make us doubt ourselves.