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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Addy Likes to "Help"

I am still a little under the weather/in a funk today. My occasionally bad back has been throwing fits since Saturday, so I am cautiously trying to stretch it, not stress it. Fat lot of good those personal training sessions are doing, huh? The boys and I also have mild summer colds and it's gray outside. This all adds up to lots of cartoons and pajamas at our house.

I've discovered that if you are a SAHM in a funk, you can't stay in bed all day. When I worked, if I wasn't feeling well, or was otherwise home in a funk, I could crawl under the covers and the kidlets would be off doing their daycare/school thing, leaving me in peace. No more.

I am also on a deadline to finish a photo quilt project I agreed to execute in exchange for babysitting, so no rest for the weary.

After hours of periodically shooing Addy off the quilt, the tying was finally complete. At this point, she was sitting at the edge with literally one toe on the quilt. When I returned with the camera, she had made herself fully comfortable...good thing I was done with this stage...

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