Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooking Like Mad

As I mentioned last week, something about the end of the heatwave has me laboring intensely in the kitchen again. Since my last food related post I've made the following:

cherry tart for quilt club
vegeterian chili and cornbread (frugal family dinner!)
double digit pounds of potato salad for a family reunion picnic
scratch made custard based macaroni and cheese
scratch made pizza (so good with carmelized onions, olive oil and lots of pepper)

I finally found a pizza dough recipe that I really really like and find very easy to work with. It's from Mark Bittman's giant tome.
Today I am making another fun meal that I will post after it occurs. Suffice to say, it involves mussels.

Having A Plan cooking agrees with me! If I go back to work, I will be a little sad to have to return to the land of thirty minute meals...ah, c'est la vie!


  1. licking my lips. what else do you put on the caramelized onion pizza? besides pepper and oil. Also, do you use a pizza stone? I really want to master pizza crust - thin and crispy please. Any tips?

  2. looks like that tart involves marscapone cheese - god help us all. rediscovered that stuff here. may be the most wonderful food ever. just ask my thighs. oh, and my ass.

  3. lol! the tart is just cream cheese and cream whipped up with vanilla and sugar. I keep a separate container of sugar with a vanilla bean in it just for baking.

    I'll email you re: pizza - that's a longer conversation!

  4. Ooo, that sounds like a conversation I want to hear! cc: me please please please? Your post made me insanely hungry...