Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frances Sang a Little Song...

I know how a jam jar feels...full. of. jam. Alternate titles for this post are:

sick in my disease
committed to continuous improvement
getting my freak on

Katy requested a closeup picture of the labels which got me looking at them...and I decided to re-do them. So I soaked all the jars in cold water in a pan and ripped off the old ones and made these new ones:
Now, they are all the same size and style...and I LOVE them.

teehee - and now I know how to use the macro feature on my camera - thanks to Katy and hubby. Cheers!


  1. CUTE labels! Now that you're an expert, can I hire you to make labels for me? I love making jam, but I'm suddenly realizing how very very sad my labels are.

  2. What happened to embracing "homey and charming?" Sheeesh, soaking and relabeling. Only you :) The labels look great and the macro setting seems to be working too. Here is the link to the strawberry lime jam.

  3. So feeling inadequate over the fact that all I do is write the year on top of the lid...