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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Addicted to Jam

On the lighter side, I am now addicted to jam making, canning, labeling...a graphic artist, I'm not, but I'm having fun designing labels for the jars.

There are lots of cool jars out there, like the ones from Weck, but they are really expensive. I'll stay with the old school mason jars for now. Cool labels can be found here, but again are cost prohibitive. It's also kind of fun to see what you can do when you have to (or decide to) economize.

I just bought a pack of 8 1/2 x 11 label paper at the office supply store and used Word on my six year old computer to make the labels shown here. It's a little tough as these are half pint jars, so the labels have to be pretty small. I am trying really, really hard to find the imperfections of my label application homey and charming. I feel like I'm growing!

The newest jam is apricot and as Anthony Bourdain would say, "I can't decide if I should eat it or roll around in it" - it's that good. Hubby and I had some over vanilla ice cream last night while it was still warm.

On to pickles unless another jammy fruit catches my eye!


  1. jftb, post a closer pic of the labels! you got me all hot to see them and i can't. boo. time to explore that macro setting on your new camera. i've never made jam. shhhhh. or canned anything. last year i saw a recipe for strawberry lime jam that has stuck in my brain. sounds like a great combo. never got to it, tho.

  2. if you have it - send me that strawberry lime recipe - that sounds divine - pics are now posted for your pleasure ;)