Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will Somebody Please Make Me Dinner?

I am in an off cycle. a slump.  What can I do to not have to prepare a meal?  It gets tedious being the manager of a 24 hour cafeteria/pantry.  Not very often. but it happens.

Summer isn't really my food season.  Summer meals require no real skill or finesse.  All you have to do is try to buy the freshest, most perfectly ripe produce and try not to screw it up.  It's pretty hard to screw it up but surprising common to run across.  Salads...yeah yeah yeah.  Yes it's all light and fresh and colorful and blah blah blah.  Grilling...because the food prep has moved outside, suddenly Johnny Grill Man is the epicure in the house (or on the patio) puh-leez.  Get that hockey puck you call a burger out of my sight and go get yourself another beer.  There's no debate in my house.  We're not big into grilling (gasp!) but when we do, it's still my job.

In summer, there's no braising, no stewing, no roasting...it just doesn't do it for me. I just don't care much about summer food and right about now I am doing everything in my power to get out of preparing meals for my family. You may think this flies in the face of everything you know about me.  Well, SURPRISE!

I guess I'll give you a little something for having read this lame post.  My summer salads tend to be grain based.  I am a big fan of both bulgur and wheatberries (and sometimes whole wheat pasta).  Basically, you cook them up then add some veg, maybe some crumbly cheese and dress it in some sort of vinaigrette.  I believe they should be served room temp, not ice cold and are better at least twelve hours after prepared.  Easy-peasy.  Sometimes I add a little flaked high quality tuna, grilled chicken, or shrimp.  Okay, I'll try to put together a photo and a proper recipe for you this week.  But know that I cannot wait for the return of meatloaf and pork chops season.

I guess that's enough of my little rant for today...guess I'll go make a salad.  Here's some fresh ideas from Nancy.

Wait, what are you having?  My tribe and I will be over six-ish.  I'll bring a nice chilled Chardonnay. Hey, I might even kick in an appetizer...

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