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Monday, July 12, 2010

Riding In Cars With Boys

Something new in our lives as of the last 48 hours...older boy not in a car seat.  weird.

He is the youngest in his crowd and caught wind from his friends that they have all abandoned the booster seat.  He knows about the law, and I will NEVER get that kid back in his booster.  He's just sitting there. in the car. on the seat.  It is the strangest thing to me.

Car seats have been an integral part of our lives for the last eight years, from the day we brought him home in the baby purse bucket type seat to the barcalounger recliner type convertible seat, to the booster with back to the booster with no back to finally...nothing.

I thought I knew the law in our state was booster until age eight.  I seem to have also thought there was something about eighty pounds, but alas, I looked it up again and eight years old it is (or 4'9", whichever comes first).  He is 4'7".

It's a whole new world.  It also occurred to me that as of yesterday, we are officially half way to him holding out his hand and asking for the car keys.  I can't think about that or it might give me an aneurysm. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Here in the UK, children are in booster seats until they are 12 or 135cms tall (that's about 4'5", I think). And there's no way that DS will be learning to drive until he's 30, at the very earliest!!