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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May, in photographs

One of the things I have enjoyed about Project365 is looking back at the end of the month and picking my favorites.  Sometimes it's because I truly love the image and sometimes it's the moment or the memory the picture evokes that makes me love it.  I like the pictures to sort of sum up the month's happenings.  As it turns out, May was a very busy month, so it was hard to choose just four or five to tell the story.  Curiously, I didn't happen to be partial to any food photographs.  Without further ado, (and not in chronological order) my May picks:
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE macro photography???  I watched this snail emerge from its' shell in my garden.  It was magnificent.

Celebrating the 40th birthday of a good friend with he and his wife.  Good, good times.

Okay, so it's not a great photo, but my almost eight year old boy sometimes looks seventeen on the baseball field.  I love watching him where he is comfortable, happy, and successful. I marvel at his skill and focus and sometimes wonder how he knows how to do all these things???

Now that I am caught up on sewing projects that I wasn't very invested in, I can work on the ones that I am passionate this..."pink pinwheels".  It's also the beginning of Handmade Jeny.

This is how they watch an episode of Tom and Jerry (which they think is hilarious)...this month we also discovered that Tank sits this close to the teevee because he is nearsighted!! Who knew???  Glasses are being made as we speak.

One of my favorite photographs I've ever taken.  I'm thinking about getting a really nice big print of it for home framing.

They were, of course, so excited about the Mother's Day cards that they made me at school that they couldn't wait and gave them to me ahead of time.  Tank's has adjectives around it that he feels describe me.  I'm sure this is an interesting psychological study...the words are "polite" "smart" "special" and "sweet".

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