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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heard in the car today

From Big Red (monologue only):

“Is this God on this coin?”
"Is Michael Jackson deads?”
“You can still sing when you’re old and deads”
"Mama? Mama? I need to tell you something"
"when am I ever going to get to stay at school for lunch?
Today I was going to sit by Jack and I never get to sit by Jack and I'm never the helper"
"is there going to be a carnival at my school"
"can I goed to that carnivals at my school?"
"When are you going to take me to Fred Meyer to get a basketball shirt?"
"Are there any more snacks in the car? I know there are"

And with Tank (dialogue):

“we’re re-painting your bathroom”
“ooh, can we paint it red?”
“nope, we’re painting it custard”
“custard? What’s custard?”
“it’s the color in the living room”
“you mean white?”
“no, I mean custard”
“I don’t understand you”


  1. These snippets are perfect for scrapbooking!

  2. That is classic. "I don't understand you". Love it!