Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Light Writing

I had looked into photography classes several months ago and all I could find locally were ones at the community college that were scheduled oddly and very expensive.  I think there is a business opportunity here.

The store where I bought my camera offers a large selection of free classes when you purchase a camera.  I have been attending these classes for a little over a month and they have gotten better and better.  I really like the instructor, there are lots of good little tidbits of information and the classes are small enough that you can get your questions answered. 

They also offer "excursions" where you sign up to go somewhere scenic and instructors come and work with you on taking the photos with your camera and help you apply what you've learned in class.  I've signed up to go on two of these in the Fall.

At any rate, one of my girlfriends who is also into photography, came along with me to class last night.  As we were leaving, we saw a spectacular rainbow.  Of course I pulled over, we hopped out and took a bunch of photos.  The one above was my favorite shot.

(Marissa, post your favorite rainbow shot and I'll link to it!)

I hope we will all start to see a dramatic improvement in my photos from what I am learning in the classes.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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