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Monday, June 14, 2010

25 Things To Do In The Kitchen

One of the reasons I love the kitchen is that it is the heart of the home.  Other than bed, it is probably the place in my home where I spend the most time.  When we moved into our home we renovated the kitchen: we painted, put new window treatments in, got all new appliances, installed granite counters and my husband lovingly refinished the cabinets.  We bought this big, six seat farmhouse table and I LOVE my kitchen.  I still want to put a tile backsplash in and a fixture to replace the can lights over the table.

There is always something to be done in the kitchen.  Since we all spend so much time there, I thought I'd give you a list of 25 Things To Do In The no particular order:

  1. clean out a drawer
  2. organize a cabinet
  3. sharpen knives
  4. clean up recipes
  5. plan a meal
  6. pull out food for food drive
  7. wipe out microwave, fridge, front of appliances
  8. clean oven
  9. boil sponge (boiling a sponge for five minutes is the most effective way to clean it)
  10. sanitize sink (with bleach solution)
  11. put out fresh towels
  12. stage the next pot of coffee
  13. take out garbage/recycling/compost
  14. check backstock of paper goods, organize pantry
  15. throw out old ice cubes
  16. empty toaster crumbs
  17. check accuracy of thermometers (in a pan of boiling water, it should read 212 F, if not, calibrate with needle nose pliers)
  18. keep a journal of meals and your comments with your recipes so you know what you made when and for whom you made it.
  19. sweep floor/shake out rugs
  20. clean vegetable bins (try a new vegetable each week!)
  21. hide candy in empty frozen vegetable bags in freezer (children will never check here) ;)
  22. tear recipes to keep out of old magazines and discard/donate magazines
  23. make a dessert
  24. cut up fruit and vegetables and put in containers ready to eat in the fridge
  25. make a wish list of kitchen gadgetry you'd like to outfit your kitchen.
 I hope you enjoyed my kitchen to do list.  What would you add to it?


  1. Never mind my list, I'll settle for your kitchen!

  2. 26. Have JFTB come to my kitchen and accomplish all of the above.

  3. My Mother always told me to keep a clean home (or kitchen) clean out one drawer or shelf every day. I tried it and it works! cmb