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Friday, January 22, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

If ever you are feeling sorry for yourself, read this.
If you just need to smile, watch this.

Something else that makes me smile?  Trees.  Yesterday's photo of the day also became the blog header above (with a little work).  How do people live in places without trees?

One of my favorite views out of my house is the one from my bedroom window (today's photo of the day).  On a clear day, I look right at a tree covered mountaintop.  Tiger Mountain, to be exact.

Sorry, I'm still MIA on the food posting front.  I'll try to remedy that soon.

What makes you smile?


  1. ME TOO! Trees out the window make me happy. I can't wait for the day I can move out of the city and live among them for real. In the meantime, I have an unending supply of forest-y photos if you ever need more! :)

  2. I do miss the trees up there. But SUNSHINE, endless sunshine makes me smile.

  3. Trees make me so happy too.

    Sunshine works wonders for me. I appreciate it so much living here in Seattle.

    My husband is upstairs making me breakfast. Love him.

    My teen aged daughter's sleeping face makes me smile because I remember when she was small.

    When my crusty old cat chases the younger cat around the entire house I smile.

    Gardening, cleaning, and cooking make me smile.

    Checking something off of the list makes me smile.