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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Gingerbread Houses

This was the Friday night fun.  Friday afternoon Big Red and I attended Tank's Winter Sharing concert at school.  We happened to notice that the Kindergarteners (sp?) were all taking home these adorable mini gingerbread houses made with graham crackers and decided we had to do it too!

The houses are built around half pint milk containers using a can of store bought frosting.  We put ours on paper plates.  The trees are upside down ice cream cones.

I can't recommend this activity highly enough.  Even my boys, who are not crafty, really got into it. 

We usually do a gingerbread house, but it was so much fun making the little ones.  They are adorable centerpieces on my kitchen table.


  1. I have to admit I am bummed!!! I was getting around to sending you an email to see if you wanted to get our kids together next week to do just this activity. Are you guys up for something else?

  2. We just did this at my house last week for a playdate. I made the royal icing and put the houses together without cartons the night before. Was a really fun craft (even with one year olds)