Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Idea

My sister, my mother and I have an annual tradition of a going out for a holiday dinner, just the girls.  We've been doing it now for twelve years.  We also exchange gifts at the dinner.

Every year I try to think of something special to give them.  This year, a random post on Pioneer Woman turned me onto this year's gift.

They are so cool.  I really want one for myself (black with the owl design, please) but I was restrained and only bought them for my mom and sis.  I included a couple of holiday dish towels and a recipe for tres leche cake (also courtesy of the PW).  A lovely gift that seemed very much appreciated.

I didn't take pictures of the ones I gave them because their names are on them and my husband (who works in privacy) would have a hissy fit, but trust me when I say these are a good value and a one of a kind gift.

This is a picture of my mother's gift to my sister and I.  She got each of us eight place settings of this beautiful Lenox holiday ironstone.  VERY GENEROUS.  I set my dining room table for the holidays and just walk through there every day to enjoy it.

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  1. These are pretty cool... something I will file away for next year!!!