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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I haven't posted for a week?  Really?  A week?  I tripped and fell into a black hole called Christmas.  Four days...yes FOUR days of families, friends, parties, etc.  This was of course preceeded by days of baking, wrapping,  panicking, sad, sad attempts to clean my pitifully filthy house, etc., etc. 
Color me spent.

It's Christmas recovery time.  If you are like me, you are thinking of decorating your house in hues of blues, creams, and blacks...ANYTHING but red and green.  I am looking forward to systematically moving through my house and ruthlessly cleaning out all cupboards, drawers and shelves.  Lovin' me some fresh start new year. 

This is a shot of one of the tins of goodness I put together.  Orangette's caramel corn, my salted bacon caramels (but of course), macaroons, cheater (marshmallow fluff) fudge, walnut rugelah, and my spicy nuts. 

Fussy cookies and I have broken up (hahahaha).  We may try to reunite again in about eleven months, but I don't think we are meant to be together.

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