Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Remember this adventure? Well, my friends, I looked at the calendar and Friday was six weeks. I held my breath and cracked a jar...

...and they're not bad! Not as crisp or sweet as I'd like, but certainly respectable enough for a hostess gift. The color is nothing short of radioactive.

I'll be posting some recipes to the site soon and these will be included. I realize I've been doing more food tours and I need to include more cold, hard facts.

What I want to know is how in the hell does Pioneer Woman take so many one-handed pictures?! It's really hard to do effectively. If you have tips, tip away. And if you have pickle tips, well then, by all means, share.


  1. Hey JFTB, I think PW has a tripod? Somewhere on her site she has a long discussion about her camera and how she takes all those gorgeous pictures. I hate her.

    Not really, but you know...

    Will you post the crockpot recipe (chicken, pinto beans, etc.) please?

  2. I'll try to get my Grandma's cinnamon pickles and her sweet pickle recipe (YUMMERS!!!!!).

  3. Photo tip for counter tops - get the gorilla tripod. Pretty sure you can get it at REI, maybe Target. It's cool and you can do various angles.