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Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Bee

It's been a few days of outings for SS (who is by nature a homebody).

The weather has been unnaturally warm and sunny for MONTHS in these parts. Each day I thnk it is the last. Yesterday, we took advantage and went to the Pacific Science Center then a trip to the Ballard Locks.

I am in a reminiscing place lately, because the locks really takes me back. I remember going a lot with my parents, watching the boats move up (or down) and through this marvel of modern engineering. I remember rolling down the hills as a little girl (we all took a turn at this yesterday). I remember going to the restaurant "Hiram's" was it for my sister's sixteenth birthday?

These are the hills we rolled down. Steeper than they look and MUCH harder when one is looking down the barrel of forty than when one is looking down the barrel of, say, ten.

We had a cabin cruiser when I was little, but I don't really remember it. Going to the locks makes me want to be a boat person with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and the light glistening on the water. Maybe it's in our future and maybe it isn't. Who knows. Wait a minute...probably not. My husband is a farm boy after all.

If you aren't familiar with the Lake Washington Ship Canal and the locks, you can read about it here.

Today, Big Red and I joined a friend and her son for a ferry ride to Bainbridge and a trip to Esther's!!! Esther's is the oldest fabric store in Washington state and carries all kinds of goodies.

After the fabric shopping, we took the boys to Battle Point Park for lunch and a run (because boys are puppies) then it was back on the ferry. Big Red had awesome behavior. Nothing motivates my 3 year old like the promise of a "special treat" of popcorn on the ferry. It was great to catch up and see our boys get along so famously.

Good days. Good days.

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  1. Those boys sure did an awesome job!!! I was very impressed - now my little man is sound asleep and all worn out.