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Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, I wanted to get the boys' hair cut short for the summer. Boy haircuts is not something that I know a lot cut, flat top...these are not meaningful terms to me.

We went to Rudy's in Bellevue and there was a sign, $10 buzz cuts. I thought, hey, this sounds like just the ticket. Tank was first. The stylist was a little impatient and I didn't know what number on the clippers to request. They both usually get a #2 on the sides with a regular hair cut, so I said how about a 1 1/2?

Ummm...oops. You can actually see the bones in his skull. I'm hoping it grows out a bit before his birthday in two weeks...

Big Red went next, had a better stylist and I had the good sense to say #4!
His, father, without missing a beat, said "You look just like a Jedi, buddy" and suddenly, all's well.

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