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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life's a Beach

Like the title of this post? Haha, that's funny, right? You've never heard that one before, have you?
Seriously, we had a totally free day today, so took the opportunity to go over to West Seattle, the old stomping grounds. We checked out the Farmer's Market and were about five minutes too late to enjoy some food from Skillet. I've got to get some of that bacon jam, man.
We went and had pizza on the beach, explored some tide pools and just messed about. On the way back we saw a sign that our realtor was having an open house, so we stopped to chat with her.
I have to confess that I do miss the city a bit. I don't think I really miss our old house or West Seattle in particular, but just urban life and all the diversity and energy it offers...

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