Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365, put to bed

In the spirit of not being too hard on myself, I'm not going to qualify this post by saying that I didn't really stick to the rules of project 365 (snicker, snicker, I just did).  Rather, my project 365 was one done in spirit...The photos were not always taken on the day they were named for.  Ah, well.  This project became much harder when I returned to full time work eight months in.  When you are in an office all day, it's hard to take inspiring photos day after day.  The last four months were really saved by my travels and the fact that during the holiday season, there are just a lot more photo ops.

I picked one from each month of the year to share here. Enjoy:

January - New Year's Day snowshoeing
February - 24 hours alone together in Bellingham
 March - letterboxing in Oregon

April - benedetto di uova

 May - tulip
June - getting on a plane

July - Paradise, Mt. Rainier

August, canning spectacular

September - emerging sunflower

October - Mt. Rainier from a plane

November - approaching storm, Cancun, Mexico

December - holidays at home


  1. Mt. Rainier from the plane is my favourite.

  2. My favorite is June...or the sunflower...or cancun...or the snowshoeing...I'm gonna miss your musings.