Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where Am I?

I don't know, but I'm certainly not here.

I am somewhere between overtired, recovering from being sick, overworking, the exhausting travel and not preparing for the holidays. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving here and my body decided to shut down immediately upon placing the meal on the table.  I guess the idea of three days with no obligations was too much for it to compute.

I don't come here much these days as blogging requires a bit of brain space that I can no longer seem to spare.  I think of posting ideas, but I am too tired slash don't have the emotional slash psychological energy to write the post.  My current internet goal is to hang on and complete project 365.  I am too close to quit, but frankly, I am looking forward to being freed from an obligation.

Wow, this post is a downer.  This job has been more demanding than I originally signed up for and I am fervently hoping that things quiet down to a dull roar after the first of the year.  This week I leave for work in the dark, come home in the dark and spend the intervening hours in a windowless conference room with two co-workers, walls papered with notes, charts and process maps.  Let's just say I'm ready for the weekend.  It's been one of those weeks where I keep thinking it's a day later than it really is.  Yes, today is Thursday, but I found myself repeatedly fantasizing that it was actually Friday.

I am not offering any fun stories or recipes or craft/activity/decorating suggestions or musings on the working mom life...this year, my holidays are all about psychological survival.

One thing that I made time to do was load a ton of Christmas music on my ipod...all my albums and some selected songs.  The only other song I really want isn't available on itunes and I don't know why.  I encourage you to check out the Sounds of the Season channel on ondemand (if you have comcast) and hope to hear Peter Cincotti's version of My Favorite Time of jazz classic hearkening back to Andy Williams.  good times. enjoy.

Wishing you peace as we count down the days to the New Year.

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  1. I am so WITH you. I want to raincheck Christmas this year, really I do. Bryan got a new job and is wanting to find a new rental house between now and the end of Jan... I'm like, WHAT? Let's see, I haven't shopped for Christmas AT ALL, I have 10 days of clinicals between last Friday and Christmas and board exams coming up but... we'll get through.

    I guess this should have been a comment of encouragement, but misery does love company.