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Monday, October 4, 2010

And sometimes, It's more than a week

What happened to my life?  I've gone away. poof.

It's so strange to leave my life every morning and come back in to it at night.  I've been gone all this time and nothing has changed.  My days used to be a whirlwind of activity around the house and I miss it.  I wish I had the time and energy to bake something.

I'm also pretty creaky from the sedentary work life.  I'm running again, but just the general lack of inactivity over the day wears on me.

I have some travel coming up, some of it international which provides me with lots of conflicting emotions all at the same time.  Exciting, nervous and it makes me tired to think about it.  At this time, I'm scheduled to be gone three out of the next five weeks. yikes.

And here I am at 4 am...I'm usually not an insomniac, but I'm worried about a situation and trying to figure out how to handle it.

One more thing - book recommendation - Room by Emma Donoghue is supposed to be the hot book right now, but after reading the jacket, I decided that it would be too rough for me...but you might like it. 

I just finished Red Hook Road and I am a big Ayalet Waldeman fan.  I like everything she does.  I started reading her when she was writing the Mommy Track Mysteries.  These books have titles like "The Big Nap" and "A Playdate with Death".
I miss this and had to scrawl out a few thoughts since I'm up anyway...xo-Jen


  1. Yeah, safe travels. Hope its somewhere cool & exciting. Bryan is going to China at the end of the month for work and was in France the first of Sept. And I'm just sittin' here...