Monday, August 9, 2010


Seinfeld was a show about nothing.  This is a blog post about nothing.  I see by monitoring my traffic that good people are coming to this blog expecting a moment's entertainment and yet there are no new posts.

Click away, my friends.

I could write about my glorious 48 hours alone in my house this weekend...the pedicure, the happy hour, the facial, the girl movies, etc.

or I could write about the awesome visit we had with sycamore stirrings and family and friends last Thursday.

or I could write about what I've been cooking:
  • grilled lemon chicken
  • my hummus
  • a new variation of black bean soup
  • fresh corn chowder
  • the yummy Ina Garten orzo and roasted veg salad

or I could write about my sadness over my neighborhood friend moving away

or I could write about canning (maybe tomorrow)

but the truth is, I just don't feel like it. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Tell me more about those 48 hours on your own, please!

  2. I want to hear about this grilled lemon chicken. Please share. I love lemon chicken.