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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Run Jeny Run

So, the husband and I don't watch a ton of tv.  For some strange reason, last winter we got started watching The Biggest Loser: Couples.  And we got totally sucked in.  We watched it every week.  At the end of the season in May, the contestants ran a marathon.  One of the guys, Daris, ran it pretty fast and set a new record for their course and program.  I was riveted and I found watching him to be tremendously inspiring.

I have never thought of myself as a runner.  I am the girl who ran with Girl Scout cookies in my pockets when I was a kid.  I am the person who says things like "I only run when chased." I smoked for ten years (in my rebellious youth).  I always say I can't function without a cup of coffee first in the morning.

Daris inspired me to run.  One day, idly surfing, I came upon the couch to 5k running plan on  I thought to myself that if that super heavy kid can run a marathon, then I could run too.  So I did.

I started getting up at six (or sometimes 5:30!) and rolling out of bed to run.  Religiously.  I laid my clothes out the night before.  I bought fancy shoes.  I stretched.  I put podcasts on my ipod.  I bought a visor. And then I put my money down on the table so I wouldn't back out.  I registered for a run.

The couch to 5k program is nine weeks long with three training sessions per week.  I printed it out, put on my sneakers and went outside.  That was nine weeks ago.  Yesterday morning, I ran my first 5k in 32 minutes, 23 seconds.  I ran the entire way.  My husband and children came with me and cheered me on as I entered the last leg and crossed the finish line.

People, I am not an athlete.  I am a 40 year old mother of two who is twenty something pounds overweight.  But I did something that I couldn't have done nine weeks ago and never in my life thought I would do; I ran three miles. 

I didn't tell anyone that I was doing it.  I could hardly believe that it would really happen. I've found something that makes me feel good in a variety of ways and that brings me a curious peace. I'm not stopping and now I can say I am a runner.


  1. You rock sister and look at how skinny you are! Maybe, just maybe I'll take it up too... this fall when the weather is cooler and I live in an apt complex that has sidewalks and no pit bulls to chase me. Although, perhaps, that should be my motivation - NOT getting dog bit!

    You are an inspiration! Congratulations chickie!!!


  2. YAY! Way to go! Grrrr, now I'm going to find some other beta mom to chant "I only run when chased" with me.

  3. Jen - how cool! Congrats on finding some peace in your world via running shoes!! You know I'm a fan of the running gig - way to go!!!

  4. You are so awesome! You should come do the Alki Beach 5K on August 29th.

  5. dude, I'm inspired. I downloaded the couch to 5K on my iphone and didn't get past the first 30 seconds run, 30 seconds walk. I might have to try again!


  6. Awesome! =) ... as a C25K graduate myself it's amazing what a sense of accomplishment you get after the race ... it inspired my wife to begin too ... I feel so much more healthy and look forward to my next 5K in a week! =)