Monday, May 3, 2010


This came to me from a girlfriend; it was only a matter of time...

I too have read blogs that make me feel inadequate and filled with self-loathing.  If at any point in my blogging I have somehow made it appear that I lead a sepia-toned craft-filled, baked goods always cooling on the sideboard kind of life, I offer a thousand apologies...

I now sit, at 2pm, unshowered, un-made up, in baseball cap and sweats with a vaguely dirty kitchen, a pile of laundry taunting me, and looking forward to feeding my family Costco enchiladas for dinner...I hope that I have occasional moments of grace but I hope with equal fervor that they have not ever made you feel inadequate, readers. 

Happy Monday!


  1. I for one totally enjoy your blog and you have never made me feel inadequate. I would like to cook more interesting food, but other than that, it is a fun read. In fact, if truth be told, you have shared some really insightful and personal topics and I wouldn't want you to change a thing

  2. I looked at that link, and I concluded that she needed to get out more! I found it quite vindictive as well as patronising, so don't give it another thought! We like your blog as is!