Monday, December 7, 2009


If you are a quilter, you will recognize the allusion in the title of this post...unfinished objects...currently, I have the following ufo's in my house:

1 Easter quilt that has been in process for around four years
1 oversized charcoal fleece scarf
3 handbags that I'm trying to decide if they need clasps
2 pillow forms awaiting sweaters
1 set of supplies for a specialty pillow for my sewing room

Here is a picture of the detritus:

This blog is challenging quilters to finish all their UFO's by January 1.  This idea is really appealing to me as I'd like to start the year with a clean slate and I love deadlines (freak).  I'd love to start the new year fresh with no projects hanging over my head and see where my instinct takes me next. 

Found Time
Sometimes, friends ask me where I find the time to do projects and I tell them that I am a big believer in found time.  I also usually have multiple projects going at once, so I just work on whatever is most appealing at the moment.  In five to ten minutes, you can stage supplies for a project.  Maybe you only have twenty minutes to give it one day, that's okay.  You just make steady progress.  You have to be comfortable walking away from things that are undone.  I have the luxury of dedicated space and I can just leave it in tatters and close the door.  Even if you don't have that luxury, it can be done.  Don't be afraid to tackle big projects. Found time is your friend.

What's next?  I think about making a quilt for my MIL and one for my aunt.  I think about making a charity quilt.  I think about making this really cool bathrobe pattern in an Amy Butler book.  I want to learn felting and knitting this year.  I think about doing a scrap exchange (that someone else hosts) ;).

Hmmm...can I do it?  Can Frank the Easter quilt find completion this year?  (If you like Echo and the Bunnymen and you haven't seen Donnie Darko, run, don't walk to Blockbuster.)

Anyone want to join me in the challenge?


  1. Hey, if I get myself sufficiently together even to make a list of all my UFOs (it was at 13 the last time I did this), would that count??

  2. Did you ever finish the hand-embroidered Christmas ornaments you wanted me to help you with a few years ago?? :-)

    And if I weren't in school I'd be starting some projects... I don't have any UFO's but I have lots of stuff I WANT to be working on... sigh... 13 more months!