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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Is it wrong that I was a little pleased to see small holes all over my camel cashmere sweater???  Ooooh, a decorative pillow.  This time, it has burgundy stitching and is right at home with the chocolate one on my dark salmon bedding.  I love the contrast stitching and how deliberately imperfect it is.  I have two more larger pillow forms in my sewing closet just waiting for the right hole-y sweater to come along...

Before Thanksgiving, I alluded to organizing linens.  About five years ago I inherited my great grandparents' dining room set.  Table with six chairs and four leaves that can seat twelve and a sideboard.  It is walnut and approaching 100 years old.  It was in our home when I was growing up and I remember playing under it and doing my homework at that table.  Yes, that is a cat box in the corner.  Addy, our elderly spinster cat, has decided that she is going to make our dining room her toilet and we can either put a box in there or clean the carpet every day.  We chose box.  It's charming though, isn't it?  Hubby has the job of taking it out when we use that room...

 Anyhoo, my mother gave it to me.  It came with a host of antique linens that I have always struggled with.  Generally, my system consisted of a forest of dry cleaning bags in the coat closet and a frantic search for the right tablecloth at the last minute.  Finally, this year, I gave my mom back the lace ones as I'm not a lacey kind of gal and the rest I sorted through, measured and packaged up.

My system consists of one and two gallon ziploc bags.  On the front they are labeled with the number of leaves that go in the table to accommodate the tablecloth or if it is a bag of napkins, the number within.  The ziplocs get stacked in the drawer and I'm all good.

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