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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving To Do List: Part I

Okay, kids, we're a week out.  Let's get cracking.  This is the list of stuff that I like to have done by this point in the game:

  • determine guest list, issue invites, get rsvp's
  • once you know the size of your gathering, you can order your turkey (if you are of the turkey ordering persuasion)  I get mine from the good people who deliver my milk each week.  They will leave my fresh turkey on my doorstep before dawn the day before Tday
  • clean oven(s)
  • sharpen knives or get them sharpened (you DO NOT want to do all that work with dull knives)
  • organize pantry
  • wash glassware and dusty serving dishes
  • choose linens and clean if needed
  • decide when you will do your house cleaning and make a plan
  • start thinking centerpiece and/or other decorations
  • begin menu planning
 Tomorrow I'll show you how I put my work plan together and organize my linens


  1. thank you thank you for all this info. i was going to send you a desperate pathetic email begging for help. this is my first thanksgiving dinner. we're having 5 guests. for a total of 9 people. totally freaking out.

  2. I love the purse so I think you are have 17 people, including kids.