Friday, November 6, 2009

revisionist history

We all do it. Make something better in our memory than it was in reality.
The story that goes with these pictures will be systematically revised Animal Farm style to make it a beautiful day in our memories.
It will not be a story of a whining three year old and a pouty seven year old. It will be a story of a lovely sunny Fall hike together.
Where have you revised history?


  1. Probably a lot... I'll have to think on that one and put it in my blog...

    Here's something for you to blog about my canning friend: what is the difference between Jam, Jelly & Preserves? I used to know but can't really remember & Bryan asked me this morning.

  2. um, have you read my blog? he he. no, seriously it's more like a selective memory. I leave out the parts that aren't worth remembering . . . I think I've lost whole months that way :)

  3. okay - a topic for you. You are a wonderful hostess. what are your secrets for having a smooth running dinner party?