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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rain City Family Day

On Sunday, we decided to venture into Seattle to ride the light rail.  It's so exciting that it's finally here.  I think voters approved the light rail about thirteen years ago when we were all still flush.  Soon it will go from downtown all the way to the airport.  When it connects downtown with the University of Washington, that will really be time to celebrate.  I don't know if you can be a real city without a good train system.

We drove to South Seattle (Columbia City) and rode round trip to downtown and back. 

When we got downtown, we came up out of the station and I had a reminder of how weird it is to be sahm sometimes.  This used to be my stomping grounds.  I used to be one of those women in high heels scurrying through the city.  But no more.  I felt like a gawky bumpkin.

When we got off the train it was time for lunch and we were lucky enough to be in close proximity to the best fried chicken in Seattle.  I did not photograph it as I was pretty busy inhaling it.  Oh, those rolls.  I could eat about six of them, I think.  (that would be my PRQ - personal roll quotient).  They have no seating so we drove to the arboretum and ate in the car.  We were like a pack of lions on a carcass.  Good, good stuff.

Then it was time for a rainy walk through the arboretum

I could spend hours here.  There are so many cool pictures waiting to be taken by a better photographer than me!  I thought this was the coolest canopy of leaves. 

A good family day.  A classic rainy Seattle day.  I wouldn't have it any other way.