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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

party. big party.

Suddenly Sahm is hunkered down, in the trenches like Charlie. This family throws one big party a year. Last year it was at Christmas, this year it's Halloween. Next year, who knows.

This is a pipe cleaner spider. I do not like spiders. I don't even like to pick this one up...and I made it. It creeps me out to look at it or touch it. It is one of the crafts planned for this party.

When we have a party, I tend to fixate (some might say obsess) about one or in some cases many things. Case in point - I made the mints for my own wedding.


This time, it appears to be crafts.

I have four craft projects planned. Lord help me, I hope other people's children like to craft more than mine. This would be helpful as it is also supposed to pour rain the entire day. good times.

Four days and counting. Planning, shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking, etc., etc. Everyone's costume is ready except guess who??? There is sewing left to do on my costume that I don't know how to do...Though I hate to admit it, I like the drama and challenge of procrastination. It puts a little zing in my life.

The picture below doesn't really capture the volume of materials in the house for this party. This is one area of staging.
Deep breath. Here we go!


  1. only you have a "staging" area for a party :) wish we could be there! curious about your costumes.

  2. I have to second Katy on the staging area. I still think about you setting the table the day ahead (as I'm frantically tossing knives and forks down while the doorbell rings...).

    It will be spectcular, like all your parties!!!