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Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's totally harder than it looks

Cutting your kid's hair. So, c'mon, I've got boys. I spend the dough to get their hair cut regularly, but seriously, how many guys tell you about how their mom cut their hair??

I mean, they sell the clipper kits with instruction booklets at Fred Meyer. For the cost of one haircut, I bought one. It sat on the shelf for a few weeks...then yesterday I decided it was time, homey. Big Red was starting to look pretty scraggily around the ears.

I took him out to the garage and set him on a stool. I fashioned a salon cape out of a garbage bag.

See, here's the thing. Three year olds don't sit still for haircuts and they have kinda small heads and the lighting in the garage ain't great.

I'm not proud. I didn't think it looked that bad. My husband corrected me. He asked if I was trying to make him look like Dumb and Dumber. He asked me what number guard I used on the clippers...well, I started with a #4, but then I kinda switched it up with a #2 and a #1 and at one point, I might have removed the guard which would account for the sort of high spot at the nape of his neck.
So, if no one else is willing to put themselves into my hands, then that's the end of my garage salon career and the kit goes to West Seattle Helpline with my next pile of donations.
Here's the long awaited picture...though I might have gone a teensy bit higher over the ears after this shot was taken...

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  1. Just snorted I laughed so hard. I have only cut Cassidy's hair one time. She was only about six and she cried. Never again.