Wednesday, June 3, 2009

from powerpoint to popsicles

We are experiencing an unusual heatwave for this early in the summer. Big Red and I did a little baking yesterday afternoon and I am starting to wade through the severance, retention, unemployment, COBRA document forest.

Not willing to completely abandon my structure, I have been making lists, lists, lists and cleaning up the home computer now that I am sans laptop.

Tank continues to want to go to afterschool care, so I am letting him. We are going to ease into this...

As soon as Neufie shows me how to download pics off the good digital camera, there will be visuals to go with my posts...any day now.


  1. Your first comment! Congrats on not developing weird blogonyms for your kids.

  2. haha - my husband would kill me. They now have weird blogonyms...I hope they are fitting - it was the best I could do.